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No meio de outubro, a banda Rixton convocou seus fãs por meio do aplicativo Fahlo a escrever uma música colaborativa para o quarteto.


Entre os dias 24 e 29 de outubro, os fãs podem participar da TERCEIRA fase do projeto, que consiste em juntar os 10 trechos já pré-selecionados em uma música inteira com 2 ou 3 estrofes e um refrão, podendo adicionar uma ponte ou um trecho pré-refrão.


Antes disso, fãs sugeriram títulos para a canção em um primeiro momento e depois enviaram sugestões de uma estrofe com um refrão, dos quais foram escolhidos 10 finalistas.


O resultado final deve ser escrito à mão e postado no mural “Community” do aplicativo, algo como uma timeline do Twitter, com a hashtag #RixtersInTheStudio.


O nome escolhido pelos fãs foi “Fighting To Forget” (Lutando Para Esquecer, em português) e confira abaixo os 10 trechos selecionados para a terceira fase:



It doesn’t take much to fall, not when you’re
living through black and white
All the knots of trust we had have been untied
and all that’s left is a fingerprint of truth
in a handfull of lies
The walls are so paper thin oh I can hear
everything, the way you said you loved him more


I pop bottles every night, but not ones of alcohol
watching my teardrops hit the ground
I ease the pain away
All I know is that these pills’ll make
everything fade away, away from reality
of trying to forget those memories



I asked her to dinner today and
she said it’s a date
But I swore I could hear you saying
That I was too late
I’m there on her doorstep by six
She leans in and I don’t know what to do
But the ghost of your kiss haunts my lips
And I can’t help but wish she was you
Oh I’m under attack
You just keep coming back


These memories are on replay
And I’m watching you walk away
Waking up from reruns of
each what if and regret
So I’ve been of the run
‘cause this battle can’t be won
sometimes I can’t remember
That I’m fighting to forget



Everything about you forever etched in my head
Might as well give up now, this relationship’s dead
I never gave anyone else a second glance
My eyes were only for you and our one sided romance
You promised me we were forever
linked your smaller pinky with mine
the twinkle in your eyes gave me faith
that we would be just fine


Now someone else gets to call you theirs
and my heart breaks into pieces
this nightmare’s now a reality and there’s nothing I can do
You left me here trying to forget about the one
I thought would own my heart for all eternity



We laughed together
We were the dream couple
Each day we spent together
Meant (meant) for each other
I didn’t think you’d leave me
I thought we would be together forever


I’m fighting to forget the tears you made me shed
You left like it meant nothing
Now I’m fighting to forget each time you made me smile
(each time you made me smile)
I’m fighting to forget so I can move on




A light of beauty with eyes so sweet
Baby I’m trying to forget the things you said

Kindest smile and heart so deep

Baby, quick  kiss me and tell me you’ll stay

‘Cause it doesn’t matter the things we’ve done

I’m wondering do I have a chance

‘Cause I’m fighting to forget that I’m not the only one

But girl I do believe in happy ends


I’m fighting to forget the distance that we have

The promises we made, teh empty sorry that we gave

But baby don’t forget

After all I’m the biggest of your fans

But baby don’t forget 

That my heart is in your hands

Baby don’t forget





I still remember the way you made me feel
How every touch sent me floating into the air
But why is it everytime I close my eyes I see you there
That same look on your face from when you didn’t care


I need to get you out of my head now
But I don’t know how
I’m fighting to forget about you and me
I’m fighting to forget the way you made me see
I need to get you out of my head but I don’t know how



Since these moments turned into memories I’ve been fight to forget
You were everything I got and now all that’s left is regret
I’ve been cleaning up my closet, putting your stuff away
And right now oh I wish that my mind folded to grey


All because I’m fighting to forget, I’m fighting to forget
Fighting to forget that fight, make everything alright
iCause now I realize I can’t live without you
I’m fighting to forget
Fighting to forget all of those words you said before you walked away
‘Cause baby I don’t want that to be the last day
So I’m fighting to forget



Everything seemed to be going fine
Until you walked into my life
You made me feel like I was on Cloud Nine
Then you cut me off like a knife
Your touch kept me align
Your voice soothed me inside
Nothing could get me to hide
But I guess it was all part of your design


Now there’s nothing left to do
There’s no point in stopping you
Those promises you made now pose as threats
As I’m fighting to forget
Damn how I wish I knew
Those words you said were never true
And someday you’ll be fighting to forget
All of those mistakes you once thought
Were for the best




The days are long, the nights are cold
I stay awake and can’t let go
Of the dreams we had and fears we faced
Now they’re all just scenes from yesterday


Every laugh, every cheer, every scream, every tear
I’ll be fighting to forget
Everymoment since the day we met
I’ll be trying to forget




All the words you said only caused more pain
Everything I said got washed away
All I wanna do is stop thinking about you
But I can’t move away from you
Everything I dreamt of, you made them come alive
Everything you wanted I didn’t have
I wanted you to be mine
But all I got was a little piece of your heart


I’m fighting to forget
My thoughts are moving on
My heart stays out and waited for you
You never showed up
I’m stuck in the road
You’re at the end of the race
Too bad I can’t finish it
Baby I’m fighting to forget all you put me through

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